Thursday, January 22, 2009


Have you ever had the misfortune to ask a man for directions? If so you have probably gotten some such nonsense as "go North 5 miles, go 5 more miles and turn East and you'll be there. Now, that's all well and good if you know where North and East are. I don't. I lack a sense of direction. North, South, East, and West don't have any meaning to me. And then, to add insult to inury there are those who throw in such refinements as south southeast, north northwest, etc. PUHLEESE! I thought, until I was an adult, that I was always walking North as long as I was going forward. That assumption was due to the fact that in grammar school, my teacher told me that North was in front of me. I thought she meant it was always in front of me. I could go South only by walking backwards! Imagine my surprise when I discovered the sad truth.

If you want good directions you can get them from women. Things like "turn right out of your subdivision, turn left at the 7-11, and when you see the red house with the purple shutters you're there". Now that's comprehensible....unless you don't know left from right and everyone knows that. Right?

I guess I see a GPS in the future. Besides, I love everything electronic.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Christmas Visit and Miscellaneous Musings

I got back from my annual Chrismas visit to Illinois on Tuesday. I had a great time and did a lot of fun things. Went bowling, to the Childrens Museum, out to eat, shopping, and supervised a New Year's Eve for my 11 year-old granddaughter and her friend. There was a lot of pot banging and screaming as only teeny boppers can do.

I arrived home exhausted and am just now getting used to the quiet of my life. I also finally got warm!! I had almost forgotten how cold cold can be. I've gotten to be a big baby about cold.

I wonder why my neighbor has a pickup load of snow? It's ARIZONA and nearly 70 out!

Why do men cuss and look aggrieved when they sneeze? Heaven forbid they should follow it up with a second sneeze!!

We went to the final check up for Duane's cataract surgery yesterday. Everything is fine and we only need to do the eyedrops for one more week. YAY!!

We stopped at the Fresh and Easy store on the way home. What a geat store and the prices aren't too bad, plus they almost always have a coupon...this one was for $5 offa purchase of $20.

Why am I getting a minute-by-minute account of a college basketball game that I'm not watching?? Guess it's a man thing. Hopefully my "imagine that" and "really" seem to be sufficient commentary on my part. I expect I'll watch the AZ Cardinals tonight (my expectations are low) or get commentary on that also.

I guess I should wrap this up before I lose it, which is what happened prior to this effort. That post was MUCH better...honest!