Thursday, February 12, 2009

They Light UP My Life

Going to bed the other night (About 4 AM.. hey,it's still night to ME), after the lights were out , I noticed a multitude of glowing red, green, blue and amber lights. WOW!! It's like constant Christmas. There are about 8 on my DSL modem and router alone. There another 2 on the CPU, 1 on the computer speaker, 1 on the keyboard,2 on the Wii charger, 1 on the Wii, 2 on the Tivo box, and 1 on the DVD player...and that's just in the living room.

Next 5 on the laptop, 2 on the phone, 1 on the stove, 1 on the microwave, and 1 on the smoke detector.

The other rooms are less culpable. Curiously, there are no lights in either bathroom...maybe I should put some in there...I mean, at least I could see what I was doing!!

Who needs lights are always with me.