Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Things in My Head

Well...kind of a scary premise? My head could be part of the great unknown. Some might describe it as full of air. Others might opt for a lot of loose screws. Neither or both could be correct.What I'm referring to here are the things in my head that keep me awake at night, some trivial and others troubling. Let's focus on the trivial.

The trivial are the constant songs or parts of songs that keep running endlessly, looping, in my head. A couple are especially prevalent. "Break My Stride" is a prime example. Another one is "Hopelessly Devoted to You" I have probably guaranteed myself another sleepless night merely by thinking about them.

I have also discovered that playing an online game of Scrabble or working a Soduku puzzle are equally problematic before attempting to get some sleep. I am constantly filling in grids...numbers or words depending on which one I was foolish enough to be working on before bedtime.

I have also discovered that I can come up with any number of bon mots before getting to sleep. Of course they are completely irrelevant then. And I can't even begin to tell you what wonderful letters and poems I can compose prior to drifting off to the wonderful bliss of sleep. Of course, if I can even remember them in the morning they don't seem quite as earth-shattering as the did the night before.

Being inside my head is scary....even to me!

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