Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm finally ready! goes, my very first official blog.

First a few notes. I plan to do the Jerry Seinfeld thing or a blog about nothing. According to my mood and experience my thoughts may be light or more serious. My life is a very quiet one and the things I blog about will probably be of limited interest to many, if not all. MMM, that's all I can think of for now. Please forgive any syntax or punctuation errors. I used to be good at both, but have lost some of the skills and, yes, interest.

OK lets go...

I have lived in Arizona for more than eight years now and I have a few observations.

Arizona has rivers with no water. Yup, seems odd to me too.

Arizona has two kinds of vegetation...things that won't grow and things that will not matter what you do, think lantana in particular.

Arizona has dry rain, called virga.

Arizona has dust storms called Haboobs, which are actually quite impressive.

Arizona really does have monsoons.

Arizona has LOTS of old people.

Arizona has snowbirds (who ARE old people).

Arizona has lots of beautiful flowers year around, especially bougainvilla.

Arizona has terrible schools.

When parking one doesn't look for the closest space, one looks for the space closest to the trees, shade is of paramount importance. Also, be cautious when touching your steering wheel, you could get a surprise and a burned hand.

Arizona does not send out driver's license renewal forms. Ask me about that one.

Arizona has a lot of dust.

Don't touch cactuses (cacti?), even if they look smooth. They're not any such thing. Trust me on this one.

If you see a sign saying : "Don't cross when flooded", don't. An inch of rain here can be a disaster.

If you come to Arizona and want to hike, take water, people, and lots of it. I'm getting tired of my tax money going to rescue the idiots who think they know everything.


Don't take State Route 88 unless you have an adventurous spirit and a rugged vehicle.

Aizonans go outside in thunderstorms.

And last but not least for kind to your air conditioner....your very best friend.


CJ said...

Hi Aunt Judy! I am so glad you're blogging. I can't wait to read more and stay in touch. Keep going at it!



(and p.s. ... I was at the great cookie fart party, too!)

dfffffffffffffffff said...

Judy I just love you!! You are a blessing <3 I think you should continue this blog it can be very therapeutic too!! Thank you for sharing this link <3