Friday, December 19, 2008

Small moments

Everyone has large moments in their lives, births, deaths, marriages, graduations, and numerous others. I believe everyone has small ones as well, both good and bad. I am going to focus on the good ones here, commensurate with the Holiday season we are currently in.

Sometimes, very rarely, I am overwhelmed with a feeling that everything is incredibly good. It is usually a fleeting feeling, lasting mere moments. They are such powerful moments and they are equally difficult to recapture when they are gone. While they are unable to be duplicated at will, they can be recalled, to be wondered at and treasured. I do treasure them.

There are other moments as well, memorable for no obvious reason. One I particularly remember is one golden afternoon on Halloween . The day had been spent fishing on a small lake, surrounded by glorious Autumn foliage. On the drive home we saw children trick-or-treating. And for no reason, this day stays in my memory as a happy time.

Another moment I cherish involves my sister, my mother and my niece. My Mom was in the nursing home but ambulatory and mentally herself. We were baking cookies in Jyme Sue's kitchen, chatting and laughing, when, to put it inelegantly, I farted....long and LOUD. That sent us all into gales of laughter, perpetuated by simply looking at each other. I laughed so hard that I was sobbing. To this day and as of this moment I want to both cry and laugh.

As I write this I have a big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. It is such a good memory and was such a good time in my life.

If anyone reads this , I wish for you some of those small, wonderful moments.

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